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Orphan Care Ministry Spotlight – Amazima

This new series highlights organizations that, in my estimation, are on the frontlines of mercy ministries, but not just any mercy ministries. They are ministries focusing on orphan care. They’ve taken James 1:27 to heart.

Amazima Ministries? What does Amazima mean?

Amazima Ministries was founded by 19 year-old Katie Davis in 2008. The organization, based out of Brentwood, TN, feeds, educates, and encourages orphaned and vulnerable children and the poor in the country of Uganda. In the Lugandan language, Amazima (uh-mahz-i-muh) means “truth.” Amazima desires to reveal the truth of God’s unconditional love through Jesus Christ to the Ugandan people.

Here is the Amazima promo:

You can check out a video interview with Katie Davis over at Together For Adoption.

Amazima ministers to the Ugandan people through:

Education Sponsorship: Currently, Amazima sends 400 orphaned and vulnerable children to a Christian school through an education sponsorship program. These children receive three meals a day, school supplies, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. They learn about Jesus in school, and on Saturdays all the sponsored children come to the Amazima fellowship site for Bible study, worship, lunch and lots of playing. They are sent home with food and soap every Saturday, along with seeds during the rainy season so that they and their families may begin growing their own food.

Masese Outreach: Amazima feeds lunch to over 1,600 displaced children in the slum community of Masese every Monday through Friday. A majority of these children are from the Karimojong tribe. The people who live in Masese are the poorest of the poor. Providing lunch keeps many of the children from begging on the streets. With Amazima’s help, some of them also attend school free of charge and all of them receive free medical treatment. Once a week Amazima also sends food home to their families.

Community Outreach: Amazima hosts Bible studies and worship services at the Amazima chapel and fellowship site on our property. We plan to also provide community classes, health training, gardening, and other activities so we can be a beacon of Christ’s love to the community. In the village of Masese, Amazima is also establishing a presence where we hope to do more bible studies, health training and gardening. Currently a free clinic with basic hygiene education and HIV counseling is offered once a week. We have also started a preschool, where the children learn early childhood education and receive nutritious food. Most of all we long to show the love of Jesus by teaching the people how to help their own families remain healthy and safe.

Vocational Projects: Amazima is proud to partner with local Ugandans implementing self-sustaining vocational programs so the people can have the joy of providing for their own families. The Ugandan bead necklace program is one such initiative. Women from the Karimojong tribe make Ugandan bead necklaces and sell them in the United States. Additionally, Amazima trained and hired young Ugandan in carpentry skills, building a community playground and a chapel.

Discipleship: Amazima fosters spiritual growth activities and Bible studies in six villages. We are passionate about nourishing the spiritual needs of the people, not just the physical.

In 2010, Amazima announced a dream to start, staff, and fully operate a school in Uganda. We are currently working on making this vision a reality. Check out our Future Projects to find out how you can pray, support, and come alongside Amazima to meet this need.

Head over to to look around at the backstory of Amazima and how YOU can help. And put their blog on your reading list:

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