Scripture and Politics

We live in a hyper-political world — a Marxist world.

As I tried to point out previously, even when we rightly point out the errors of Critical Race Theory and Marxism, we need to be careful we are not still thinking within Marxist ideology. Marxist ideology has far reaching implications than simply Communism and Socialism. It is a holistic way of thinking which includes politics, namely, our linear thought: Left vs Right, Communism vs Free. The fact we think in these terms, proves we are thinking within Marxist ideology.

When we are conditioned to think within Marxist ideology (and we are simply by the fact of our linear approach to politics), it is difficult to shift into a biblical paradigm of thought.

Let’s switch gears a moment and talk about Autism.

What do you think about when you consider the Autism Spectrum?

Do you think in a linear fashion?

On the left: Not Autistic.

On the right: Very Autistic

This image is from The Art of Autism which has been very helpful in understanding Autism.

Back to Politics

This is what I want to extrapolate from the Autism Spectrum and into the Political Spectrum but shaped and formed through a biblical viewpoint.

Political views do not hold a monopoly on the principles upon which the views are built, yet we treat the foundational principles in isolation. In other words, when someone shares, “I believe X,” we assume that person is Conservative or that person is Liberal. We hear a part of their view and assume the part for the whole. This is the Fallacy of Composition.

But further, we do not allow for shades of a view. We do not allow for nuance or levels of emphasis.

Viewing politics as a nuanced system of thought is more advantageous and allows freedom of thought and promotes discussion. Think in terms of the Autism Spectrum circle shown above–unlike our linear approach which promotes separation, distinction, and hard & fast rules which promote echo-chamber thinking and self-congratulatory “achievement” of thought.

This leads us back to my main point: Marxism has infiltrated our thinking in many (most? every?) spheres of life. We fail to recognize to what extent we think in Marxist ideology even though we rightly call out the failings of a political view: We still think within the Marxist system of thought.

We will explore more of this in future articles.

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