Our High View of Scripture is Not High Enough

The modern Evangelical (and Fundamentalist) has a high view of Scripture, but the height to which Scripture is held is not high enough.

The typical view reduces Scripture to a set of impersonal precepts and extrapolated axioms and principles which establishes a self-help guide for our daily lives (i.e. the Bible becomes an answer book ala Reader’s Digest, a dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopedia or how-to book).

This hermeneutic results from a defective view of inspiration / bibliology / doctrine of Scripture that is built upon a rationalistic edifice that reduces and depersonalizes revelation to propositions instead of the person, Jesus.

It reduces Scripture to principles we can master rather than Jesus mastered these for us.

Bobby Grow explains,

“However, a Christ centered exposition should methodologically lead us to Christ. The guiding supposition is one that Jesus held; i.e. that Scripture is all about him (John 5:39). So Scriptural exposition then should reflect this by being an invitation into a participatory relationship with God in Christ. Or, it should result in doxology wherein we look from ourselves to our lives in Christ.”

He continues by saying we need to,

“[R]e-orientate oneself in a way that sees Scripture within the personal triune speech act of God to us, given to us through his Son, in and through the creative activity of the Holy Spirit. This way Scripture is no longer understood as a proposition book which humanity can master; but instead, Scripture is understood as the God ordained place wherein God in Christ by the Spirit contradicts and confronts our “human mastery” through direct encounter with him, in Christ (wherein Scripture finds its Spirit breathed voice through the resurrected humanity of Jesus Christ). This will set up a hermeneutical framework that methodologically seeks to lay bare the inner reality of Scripture, which finds its ground in Jesus Christ himself (in principle, quite intensively!). So the exegete and expositor won’t be seeking to figure out how a particular text (like in the OT for example) is “relevant” or answers people’s particular questions today. Instead, the exegete will trust that God alone knows all of our hearts, and his answer to our deepest longing is personal encounter with Him. That is what Scripture is for; to lead us to him in Christ.”

Well, let me point you to the main post from which I’ve essentially copied and pasted here. Check out: Christ Centered Exposition Juxtaposed with Principle-Application Centered Exposition: My Response to my Pastor by Bobby Grow.

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