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Doubting Dawkins

Atheism has made a huge leap into the public mind. It seems that, ever since 9-11, a new breed of Atheism has come of age. One poem in particular about being an Atheist produces a few questions in my mind:

If you are hungry, I will offer food.
If you are thirsty, I will offer water.
If you are cold, I will offer warmth.
If you are in need, ask and I will give.
If you are in trouble, ask and I will help.

I do not do these things in the hopes of being rewarded, or out of fear of being punished.
I do these things because I know them to be right.
I set my own standards and I alone enforce them.
I am an Atheist

How does an Atheist “know them to be right”? What is right? wrong?

Who is the arbitrator of what is right? The individual person? Society?

What if one society sees everyone else not like them as inferior and decides to pursue all other societies’ destruction? It’s right in one society’s eyes but not others.

What if one society decides to take in and nurture all helpless people, while another decides to end the lives of all the helpless? What makes one society virtuous while another horrendous?

What if a society, at one point in time, pursues justice for all, yet within 1 to 3 generations becomes corrupt and pursues self-interest alone and throws justice out in the street?

What constitutes virtue? horrendous action? justice? injustice? Who gets to define these ideals and why should I follow those ideals?

This way of thinking promotes people doing what is right in their own eyes.

If we are to pursue the full extent of Atheism, then we must follow the natural conclusion provided in the video below.

What hope is there? There is no hope. There is no reason for me to follow any laws or guidelines of society. Because there is no God, I will not be judged by God, even though I will be judged by society, and even then, society’s perception of good will change. And if that is the extent of my judgement, so what? And who cares?

Check the site out:

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One knows what is right and wrong because one has empathy and interest in others feelings.. Not because of any rewards or retributions that might arise from the doing or not doing of something nice…. If you believe in God… that is fine… faith is wonderful, I applaud your faith… I would never be divisive in your religious belief.. but I believe in tangible things, my beliefs are no less important than yours.. the only difference in my beliefs and yours are mine is quantifiable and yours cant be proven… except by faith. So faith is important.. to you. I am fine with my view and embrace yours as yours… One quote caught my eye “Because there is no God, I will not be judged by God, even though I will be judged by society, and even then, society’s perception of good will change. And if that is the extent of my judgement, so what? And who cares? ” I care … I direct my path and I care about my self image… You are making fallacious leaps to try to make a case…That is not a positive way to make a case…

Thanks for the comment, Jim. I have a few questions for you.

Your self image is all you have, then. And it will die, too.

My faith is quantifiable. I believe in historical facts. See this article for a couple reasons:

Life comes down to one thing: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved — saved from your self image, from your sins. Jesus fulfilled every law God requires of us and He did it in the place and for all those who believe in Him. And all those who do not believe in Jesus as their only hope and Savior die in their sins and after this the judgement.

Why is this important? Because Jesus experienced God’s judgement for all those who believe in Him. Not only this, but all those who believe in Jesus are also raised with him through faith in the powerful working of God, who raised him from the dead.

If you have two answers then simple logic would tell you that if it is not one, it MUST be the other. Do you believe those actions to be wrong? No? That’s how we know them to be right!

Just because we do not believe in the divine, does not mean that we can not live as moral and just people. You say there is no hope…I see more hope from atheists for the betterment of humanity as a whole than from most “christians”. Don’t put every atheist into one group because we’re just as divided as christianity. Not all catholic priests are pedophiles, not all muslims are terrorists, and not all atheists are evil. There are more christains in prison than atheists.

I like how you title this “Doubting Dawkins”, yet not once did you reference him or anything that he’s said in your failed attempt at a logical argument.

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