Glory of God Quotations

God has twisted together his glory and our good

“We glorify God by working out our own salvation. God has twisted together, his glory and our good. We glorify him by promoting our own salvation. It is a glory to God to have multitudes of converts; his design of free grace takes effect, and God has the glory of his mercy; so that, while we are endeavoring our salvation, we are honoring God.

What an encouragement is this to the service of God, to think, “while I am hearing and praying, I am glorifying God; while I am furthering my own glory in heaven, I am increasing God’s glory!”

Would it not be an encouragement to a subject, to hear his prince say to him, “You will honor and please me very much, if you will go to yonder mine of gold, and dig as much gold for yourself as you can carry away”? So, for God to say, “Go to the ordinances, get as much grace as you can, dig out as much salvation as you can; and the more happiness you have, the more I shall count myself glorified!”

Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity (Banner of Truth: 1890, 2000), 13–14.

(HT: Peter Cockrell)


I die trusting alone in the forgiving mercy of God

As far as my last words can influence anyone, I would advise husbands and wives to strive by all possible means to make their homes virtuous and happy. To young men and women I would say, be warned by my fate; avoid bad company; shun evil associations in every form, for surely the way of the transgressor is hard. And, ye Christian people, do not neglect the orphan child, which by death has been thrown upon the world’s cold charities. Look after the other children. Instruct them in the ways of piety, [and by] your kindness and example, lead them to the Saviour of sinners. …

… And here I ask forgiveness of all whom I have ever injured in any way, and may God forgive me as I feel I have forgiven all who have ever injured me in any possible way or manner.

Now I feel I am ready to die, having made these my last remarks to you all.

I die trusting alone in the forgiving mercy of God; relying on the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of sinful men. Though as a poor wicked sinner, I cannot but indulge the hope that God will save me from eternal death, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Farewell, farewell, a long farewell! Pray that God may forgive my poor soul.

~John Cruver — 1862