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News, Views and Whatnot for 3/31/2012

Pastor Matt discusses freedom of religion, conscience and enterprise in YOU THINK YOU’RE FREE? (03/27/12).

Pastor Matt is also reading through the Constitution: READING THROUGH THE CONSTITUTION–ARTICLE I, SECTION 4. I’m enjoying this series.

David Murray – So how do you know if you are a workaholic? Workaholics Anonymous – yes, there is such an organization – provides 20 questions. They include: Workaholism.

Robert Spencer is blogging again! He has always been one of my favorite reads. Check him out at Gospel Chronicles. I’m excited about this!

So Good: Everything (Jesus) Is Amazing And Nobody’s Happy over at Holiday at the Sea.

“I worry that we’re simply emphasizing our culture’s consumeristic tendencies rather than challenging them. I find it instructive that the church actually thrives in cultures of persecution and lulls itself in to complacency in most of the free world.”

Pastor Dave muses on when followers of Christ have liberty and when we are just engaging in license (HT: Matt Rawlings).

Please Stop Apologizing – We have become a nation of pansies. “I don’t want to be, ahem, ‘offended’.” Who cares if someone says something you don’t like? Grow a backbone and shrug it off. It’s called freedom of speech.

The Most Aggressively Inarticulate Generation

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