God Did Not Call us to Adoption but to Adoption

God has not called my family to pursue adoption, but God has called us to adoption. Let me explain…

My brother and his family pursued adoption because God led them to pursue it. As a result God led my family to pursue adoption– what I call extended adoption. Adoption does not happen in a historical vacuum, nor is adoption limited to the immediate family. Those of us in the extended family have been called to adoption along with them.

We support, accept, and love these children who have been adopted. In fact, I can’t help but treat the adopted children like any other child in the family. After all, they are Cruvers. They have the full rights and privileges of the Cruver household – even the extended Cruver households.

Adoption is a family affair, an extended family affair. It is a community affair.

God, Who is the eternal Community of Three in One, extended Himself in the Spirit to include all those who believe in Jesus, thereby establishing an extended community of persons. (See this video for background to what I mean). All those who believe in Jesus are included in the family of God with the full rights and privileges of being God’s sons and daughters. We are born into God’s family within the confines of community.

Likewise, those adopted in a family are also adopted into the extended family, into the confines of familial community.

God did not call us to adoption but to adoption.

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