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Evaluating the Rapture: A Look at 1 Corinthians 15

Ken Stiles over at Shepherd The Sheep ~ Three men who love Jesus and His church wrote a very good article providing evidence for the Rapture.

Ken writes,

“In today’s post, we look at another passage that does not teach a pre-trib rapture per se: 1 Corinthians 15. It is worth pointing out that 1 Corinthians 15 is also urged by some to completely rule out premillennialism. …

…Paul’s discussion of the rapture begins in verse 50. After arguing that the Father is excepted from Jesus subduing all other power and authority, and demonstrating the absurdity of certain rituals if the dead are in fact not raised, and exposing the foolishness of incredulity concerning what kind of body people will have in the resurrection; Paul tells the Corinthians that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom. Some have urged this fact against certain premillennial positions because said positions allow that some non-glorified (i.e., flesh and blood) people who survive the tribulation would enter into the millennial kingdom. In response it may be noted that Paul has already discussed the kingdom up through Jesus turning it over to the Father. This would be the eternal state phase of the kingdom then that Paul is speaking of, not the millennial phase of the kingdom, when he says that flesh and blood cannot inherit it. There will be no non-glorified people in the eternal state.”

Check out the whole article: Part V: Evaluating the Rapture.

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I may be missing the point entirely here, Dave; but let me pose this to you to see if I am actually getting the point.

I see no problem with having a Premillenial rapture view in light of I Cor. 15:50-57.

I think my belief hinges on the word “inherit.” There is a difference between the following two groups in the Millennial reign of Christ:

Group A – Imperishable
Reign WITH Christ.
These are the ones who INHERIT the Kingdom.

Group B – Perishable
Those who were alive (in earthly body) when Kingdom was ushered in.
Those who did not bow to the image of the beast.
They are under the subjection of those who reign (Chiefly Christ.) And as such have NOT INHERITED the kingdom, but are a part.

We’ll talk later about Daniel and Ezekiel…and Matthew…and I haven’t even gotten to Revelation…


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